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Hello! I am a writer from Yorkshire, and started writing my first book aged seven. I write flash fiction, poetry and stories, and am currently working on a YA fantasy novel, The Button Tree.

I live with chronic illness, and am passionate about raising awareness of endometriosis and POTS, and helping people with disabilities to express themselves creatively.
I have had stories and poems published by Secret Attic, Fifty Word Stories, Roi Fainéant Press, On The High Literary Journal, Livina Press, The Granny’s Tea Poetry and Toasted Cheese Literary Journal.

In 2021, I was highly commended for The Val Wood Yorkshire Prize.


I am a committed Christian and love exploring my faith through different art forms.

I am also a keen nature photographer and enjoy drawing and singing.


My chronic illness journey

I have been living with chronic illness for a few years, and have found great comfort in being able to write, draw and make art during that time.

I like to encourage people living with chronic illness to find some mode of creative expression, as it makes a huge difference in a life lived at a more gentle pace. Just because everything has to slow down, doesn’t mean that you have nothing to offer.

In my case, it was my illness that brought me back to writing. It had been a childhood dream of mine to be an author, but during my adult life I had allowed it to fade into the background. My illness forced me to press pause and reconsider what was important.

I found that not only did writing unlock a part of me that was hidden, it also provided me with a useful tool for processing my thoughts and a way of managing my mental health, which has been sometimes difficult because of my physical illness.

Now, I write nearly every day, and am grateful to have a creative outlet.



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