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Over four plus years of being ill, I have never managed to reach a state where I’m entirely happy with a day in which I ‘get nothing done’.

Western culture is centred around ‘what you do’ and we pass judgement and assign value to people according to this idea. There were times in the past where I held jobs that were seen as being of less value, and people didn’t quite know how to talk to someone who was a sales assistant or a housekeeper.

Chronic Illness Chronicles #1 – The Nightjar and the Hare

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I’ve published a poem!

News | 18th April 2023

My poem ‘Chronic’ has been published! This is the first time I’ve published a poem, and I’m really happy to get the chance to share writing about chronic illness with more people.

Living with chronic illness is exhausting and demoralising, but it has also opened up new worlds for me. I’m more aware of nature, I see tiny details, I take life at a slower pace. I always want to get better,

I’ve published a poem!

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I’ve had a piece of flash fiction published!

My story is a 600-word diary entry, written from the perspective of Cassandra Austen, the sister of the somewhat famous Jane Austen.

The sisters were extremely close, the only girls in a large family of six boys. They shared a room throughout their lives, and were always together, from school to their years in Bath to Jane’s final months in Winchester.

Jane Austen’s sister speaks!

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I’ve had a short story published!

A 15-year-old boy named Christopher is sent to rural Scotland as an evacuee during WWII. He stays with his fierce grandmother, who is determined to toughen him up.
While there, Christopher makes it his mission to see the white stag he has read about in books, in the hopes it will make his grandmother happy and bring his father home safe from the war.

Scottish folklore publication!

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