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Welcome to my site!

News | 2nd February 2023


Hello and welcome to my site!

Here you can read extracts from my writing, updates about my works in progress and hear about what’s been inspiring me.

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Today is Day Two of the 555 creative non-fiction 100-word story challenge, and the theme is ‘departure’. I found this one harder than yesterday’s challenge of ‘childhood objects’, as it didn’t conjure such strong images for me.

Ultimately, I came to a common practice of mine while travelling, that of ‘dancing it out’ in every home before I left.


Dance it out

I used to like to dance in every home; to release it through the madness and joy of one …

Today I’m starting a new writing challenge, in the form of writing a 100-word creative non-fiction story every day for five days: https://www.nicolebreit.com/555challenge/

It is my first foray into non-fiction, and I am really enjoying the chance to do something new. I love writing challenges as they are a way to ‘keep my instrument in tune’ and expand my writing skills beyond what I would normally do.

I will update the site each day with what I have written.

For Day One, …