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Flash fiction

Sorrow, published by The Auvert Magazine, Issue 1, June 2023. speculative. climate change. pain.

Flames, published by Roi Fainéant Press, Eleven 37, April 2023. historical. sisters. grief.

Take My Place, published by On The High Literary Journal, Issue 2, March 2023. fantasy. carnivalesque. surrealist. *republished by Free Flash Fiction, April 2023:

The Day the Blossom Blew Away, published by Toasted Cheese Literary Journal, Volume 22, Issue 4, December 2022. prose poem. nature. isolation.

Loss, published by Fifty Word Stories, March 2021. thriller. grief. reflection.


Short stories

A Flash of White, published by Livina Press, Issue 4, April 2023. historical. folklore. family.

A Shadow in a Brave Light, highly commended for the Val Wood Yorkshire Prize, September 2021. historical. regret. industrial action.

The Lilac Shawl, published by Secret Attic magazine, booklet 15, June 2021. fantasy. wishes. dark magic.



Chronic, published by The Granny’s Tea Poetry magazine, Issue 1, April 2023. free verse. illness. courage.



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