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Ahh, The Jolly Postman – that most soothing and escapist of children’s books…

A firm favourite of mine as a child; it has truly stood the test of time, both in terms of commercial sales, and in terms of my personal connection to it. It is still a book I find myself turning to from time to time; drawing comfort from the drawings and envelopes and my many happy memories of having it read to me.

Chronic Illness Chronicles #2 – The Jolly Postman

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Over four plus years of being ill, I have never managed to reach a state where I’m entirely happy with a day in which I ‘get nothing done’.

Western culture is centred around ‘what you do’ and we pass judgement and assign value to people according to this idea. There were times in the past where I held jobs that were seen as being of less value, and people didn’t quite know how to talk to someone who was a sales assistant or a housekeeper.

Chronic Illness Chronicles #1 – The Nightjar and the Hare

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