Esther Byrne

Today is Day Four of the creative non-fiction 100-word story challenge:

Today’s prompt was ‘reunion’. I found this one a bit difficult, as I couldn’t think of any obvious significant reunions in my life.

Then, I thought about the few times I’ve met up with lost childhood friends and how awkward it was. Once I had that idea, I was away, on a journey of nostalgia and silences.


Nostalgia lies

Nothing ever quite the same, so many words stretching between us, remaining in the dark.

It isn’t easy to relate when you’re trying to force your face into the ill-fitting mask of who you once were.


When you’re trying to find some common ground based on years of gaps.

You feel hemmed in by the past, insecure about the present and uncertain about the future.


You take to reminiscing, for that’s all you can do, but it isn’t real.

Still, what else to say? You’ve a lot of catching up to do, and too many memories to hide away.



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