Esther Byrne

Today is Day Two of the 555 creative non-fiction 100-word story challenge, and the theme is ‘departure’. I found this one harder than yesterday’s challenge of ‘childhood objects’, as it didn’t conjure such strong images for me.

Ultimately, I came to a common practice of mine while travelling, that of ‘dancing it out’ in every home before I left.


Dance it out

I used to like to dance in every home; to release it through the madness and joy of one special song. A few minutes only, exposing the grief and questions of a place no longer loved.

But nothing sombre. Only upbeat utterances.

Pop became the anthem of escape; predictable melodies papering over pain.

There were no tears; for who can be sad when their body refuses to stand still? Who can feel regret when the chorus swells in sweaty sweetness?

There is nothing else.

In that moment, even the departure itself is delayed.

In that moment… there is only dance.



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