Esther Byrne

Spooky story publication!

News | 31st March 2023

Today, my spooky story ‘Take my place’ is published by On the High literary journal.

This was inspired by a clear picture that came to me of a black and red lighthouse with a mind of its own.

I’m very interested in circuses and carnivals, and I wanted to explore the colours, sounds and smells of this idea combined with the immediacy of the 2nd person. I’m very fond of the 2nd person, and I find it lends itself very well to short stories, in addition to creating a sense of menace.

‘Take my place’ is a piece of flash fiction, measuring at only around 250 words. It is written in the form of a letter, which also gave me a chance to write in the epistolary form; something I rarely do.

I am intending to expand this flash into something longer, possibly a short story, possibly even more… I’ll just have to see where my imagination takes me…


You can read it here:



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